Parenting: cheap and eco

29 Jun

Green Baby little girl in hat

Ali Clifford heads up the creative and marketing team at Green Baby, the leading ethical kids brand. She shares her tips on how to be a green parent, explains that it doesn’t have to crucify your wallet and throws in a tidy discount code too.

There are four basics to green parenting:

Using real nappies can save £££s and with some local authorities offering cash incentives. It would be daft not to…

Not every mother is fortunate enough to be able to, however breastfeeding  both my babies saved us loads of money, (my first for 14 months and my second for 2 years). We used glass bottles for health reasons as much as for the environment: the plastic bottles at the time contained BPA (bisphenol A) and knowing we could be using a sustainable, reusable product such as a glass baby bottle gave us an enormous sense of wellbeing.

We were lucky enough to have a good network of friends who had been parents before and after us, so our moses basket, and cot, and even baby bedding came to us from friends, and were then passed backwards and forwards between about seven families! New mattresses were the only things we needed to splash out on. Green Baby also stock everything you need to make a cosy nursery.

A hand-me-down organic cotton sleeping bag was my baby’s first Green Baby garment, and it satisfies me to know that at least six different babies have snuggled up in this one hard-wearing sleeping bag (it made me feel quite sentimental to see it on a friend’s washing line!)

For a special EggMag discount use code EGGOFF at the checkout to get £5 off when you spend £40 at – plus, get free delivery on orders over £50!

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