Film review: Red State

5 Oct

Red-State-posterA rain of fire and brimstone falls upon three horny college kids when they fall into the clutches of crazy preacher, Abin Cooper (Michael Parks) and his demented congregation.  As the preacher’s heavily armed church is laid to siege, ATF agent Joe Keenan (John Goodman) finds himself questioning the orders of his equally fanatical government bosses.  The director of Clerks returns with this rather uneven mixture of horror film and religious satire (Smith tackled the subject of religion much more successfully in his 1999 film Dogma).  A startling twist towards the end of Red State nearly pulls off a literal miracle but all this is very quickly abandoned and tied up in a rather rushed ending.  It’s a shame really but anything from Smith that isn’t Jersey Girl is probably a godsend itself.

Director: Kevin Smith

Rating: 3/5

Review by Ewan Fraser

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