Film review: Tyrannosaur

12 Oct

tyrannosaur_film_imageAnother British film exploring themes of rage and spiralling self-destruction is enough to make any cinemagoer shudder. Yet this assured directorial debut from actor Paddy Considine pulls off the minor miracle of making a film that is both moving and rewarding while never shying away from the appalling brutality that shapes its characters.

Joseph (Peter Mullan) is a man plagued with violence and self-hatred who is first introduced to us drunkenly kicking his own dog to death. Hannah (Olivia Colman) is a charity shop worker trapped in a marriage with a cruel and controlling husband (the terrifying Eddie Marsan).  A tentative relationship develops between Joseph and Hannah that provides them both with an escape from the harsh reality of their shattered lives. Will their connection and mutual support bring them redemption or are they forever trapped in a cycle of seething anger and destruction? With mesmerising performances across the board, a film that explores such intense themes really should be a depressing experience. This one isn’t. In fact it may just be the best British film of the year – and there’s nothing depressing about that.

Director: Paddy Considine

Rating 4/5

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