Film review: Real Steel

19 Oct

real-steelI ask you. How can it be that a grown man, possessing reasonable intelligence, a relatively even temper and a history of movie going that would suggest he should know better, can end up cheering and rooting for one robot boxer to beat the other robot boxer in the climax of Real Steel?

Directed by Shawn Night At The Museum Levy and starring Hugh Jackman, Real Steel is basically Rocky with robots. It’s also Rocky 4 with robots to the point where the “evil” robot is trained by a Russian and during the climactic fight the crowd end up chanting the underdog’s name. The underdog here is Atom, a sparring robot who has no chance in the big leagues. Discovered by down-on-his-luck robot trainer Charlie Kenton (Jackman) and his estranged young son Max, they embark on a journey that takes in every cliché known to man. Will Father and Son repair their relationship? Will Charlie rediscover his inner boxer and become the fighter he was born to be? It’s an avalanche of corn and I was at least six scenes ahead of it at every moment but damn it if I wasn’t on my feet shouting “Atom! Atom!” by the end.

Director: Shawn Levy

Rating: 4/5 (for sheer Hollywood nonsense)

Review by Garreth Hynes


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