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RANT: Gaga is a poorman’s Bjork. No, hang on, that’s too kind…

3 Aug
Gaga and Bjork

No contest

Has this occurred to anyone else?

Gaga, with her tit-flashing and stick-on alien cheekbones, has none of the elegance of Bjork – and certainly does none of the musical boundary-pushing. What is it she is trying to do? Or say? I just don’t get it. Yes, she has a decent voice and can write a best-selling pop song (note: there was no use of the word ‘good’ in the latter part of that sentence) but anyone who has to shout that loud about themselves is surely a try-hard. “Look at me! I AM ART! I AM FASHION!” She screams. Where as our little Icelandic pixie-musician never shouts, she just parodies, comments and creates magical worlds around her music and art. Bjork, I love you.

See her new video for the song Crystalline here.

Rant: The London GREEN Fair? Really?

8 Jun London Green Fair

I have absolutely nothing against holistic therapies, world music or ethnic jewellery, but why is it that the word ‘green’ is inextricably linked to all things boho and hippy?

The annual London Green Fair stepped up a notch this year, so on June 4th, I hopped along with high expectations of finding this, as the website says, a “free festival that reflects the green aspirations and achievements of London as a whole, as well as providing an enjoyable and engaging day out for people from all walks of life”. Umm. Not really. There was a fair bit of suspiciously fast-looking food and it seemed the focus was on world music, alternative lifestyles and the aforementioned ubiquitous market-stand jewellery. What’s green about that?

I did spot Rice Dream, The Land Trust, Riverford Organic, Capital Growth and Thrifty Couture stands – and a lovely corner (yes, corner) dedicated to permaculture. But that was pretty much it out of a whole – if somewhat thin – festival. Harrumph.

My apologies in advance to any other greenies I didn’t spot.

Comments welcome…