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RANT: Gaga is a poorman’s Bjork. No, hang on, that’s too kind…

3 Aug
Gaga and Bjork

No contest

Has this occurred to anyone else?

Gaga, with her tit-flashing and stick-on alien cheekbones, has none of the elegance of Bjork – and certainly does none of the musical boundary-pushing. What is it she is trying to do? Or say? I just don’t get it. Yes, she has a decent voice and can write a best-selling pop song (note: there was no use of the word ‘good’ in the latter part of that sentence) but anyone who has to shout that loud about themselves is surely a try-hard. “Look at me! I AM ART! I AM FASHION!” She screams. Where as our little Icelandic pixie-musician never shouts, she just parodies, comments and creates magical worlds around her music and art. Bjork, I love you.

See her new video for the song Crystalline here.