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Flick Pick: Troll Hunter

22 Sep

Troll HunterThis mock documentary has been likened many times to The Blair Witch Project. I find this comparison both patronising and, frankly, bullshite. Patronising because these critics clearly think the general public can’t differentiate between two movies made by pretend students with hand-held cameras. And bullshite because one is a quirky, brilliantly humoured Norwegian adventure and the other is (was) a ground-breaking, but ultimately, not-that-great horror.

Troll Hunter follows a crew of students as they attempt to track down a rogue bear poacher. It soon becomes apparent that they are in fact hunting someone else all together and the story sweeps you up on a 4-wheel-drive through the fjords and beyond.

Director André Øvredal has taken a fairytale subject, removed it of any fluffiness and presented it with a glint in his eye. The acting is superb and the cleverly grainy CGI’d trolls are wonderfully believable to the point that this surreal subject seems completely down-to-earth. This film is humerous, different and magical. What a breathe of fresh-air in this age of ‘gritty’ and farcicle shoot-em-ups. As Little White Lies suggests, make sure you see this before the Americans re-make it…

See the trailer here.

May’s flick of the month

19 May Attack the Block

Attack the BlockAttack the Block  

There’s been a whole lotta hype about this one – and for good reason: we have a new Brit director out there in the moviesphere. Feedback from Joe Cornish’s first foray into film-making has been pretty glowing, but having been burnt in the past by believing the hype I went into the film with an open mind. It paid off.

Set in deepest darkest Oval, the story follows a group of troublesome yoofs as they attempt to save mankind from a very dark black bunch of bitey aliens. Nurse Sam, posh stoner Brewis, and slob dealer Ron (Nick Frost) all get caught up in the action and some unlikely camaraderie comes about.

Despite the film wanting to be too many things at once (the film contains nods to B movie horrors but then some slick sci-fi effects, occasional film noir-esque lighting and an out-of-place opening title sequence reminiscent of Star Wars) Cornish creates a wonderfully ludicrous situation in a mundane setting that the viewer can’t help but romp along with. Our new director also presents us with a load of new acting talent playing the teenage gang – most notably John Boyega (hoodie leader Moses) who gives a truly outstanding performance. With a healthy dose of both tension and comedy, Attack the Block is a good fun flick that you should definitely catch while it’s on the big screen.
P.S  I did notice one big plot-hole. When you’ve seen the film, come back and read this, below. See if you agree…

SPOILER ALERT: Did anyone else wonder why the aliens were trying to kill rather than hump all the characters covered in pheromones? Thoughts please.